How to stop condensation on your AC duct?

Water damage and freezing are two of the most typical types of insurance claims. Recognizing the early warning signs of probable water damage is essential since water damage repairs can be expensive.

Condensation on air ducts is one of the clearest indicators of impending water damage. When the cold of your air conditioning ductwork and the warm air from the outside meet, air duct “sweating” results. Condensation will build up on your air ducts more frequently the colder your A/C is.

Are your air ducts’ condensation problems detrimental, though? It might be, say the HVAC specialists from Professional Services in Grafton. Everything depends on how much condensation there is and what is creating it.

Continue reading to find out more about condensation in your air ducts and how professional services can assist you in preventing condensation.

What causes condensation in ac ducts?

The temperature difference between the outside air and the AC vent inadequately sealed AC ducts, and a lack of insulation around these ducts are the main contributors to condensation in your AC system.

But other things can make ductwork sweating worse, like

  1. Too much air moisture
  2. Dirty air filters
  3. Clogged ducts

Condensation is produced by all air conditioners, even the most efficient ones. However, if your system is functioning properly, you shouldn’t notice a lot of condensation. There are several problems that could be the source of excessive condensation, including:

  1. Restricted airflow
  2. Damaged or poor insulation
  3. Dirty air filters
  4. Excess humidity in the house
  5. Warm air in the attic

Prevention of Condensation on Air Ducts         

You will need to take control of various elements in your home and make significant modifications to stop ductwork from sweating.

1. Reduce the Humidity Level

Your home’s overall humidity levels can be lowered to lessen ducting perspiration. Purchasing a dehumidifier will be well worth your money if you reside in a region with naturally high humidity. To automate and manage the moisture level in your home at a safe and pleasant level, you can connect it to a smart AC controller.

2. Properly Maintain Ducts

As with air filters, dust, debris, pet dander, and even dead insects can clog air conditioner ducts. Retraction of airflow from blocked ductwork can result in condensation on AC ducting. You can maintain air filters yourself by cleaning and changing them, but not the ducts. A professional HVAC contractor should be able to inspect and clean the ducts as they have the specific tools needed for the job.

3. Add Insulation to Metal Ducts

With a flexible duct system, insulation is already created around them, so you don’t need to worry about it. To prevent ducts from sweating, hand seal any exposed connection points.

The good option, however, for older metal ductwork is to add insulation. If you’re skilled at doing your home repairs, it’s a reasonably simple task. Additionally, you need to be aware of any openings in the ductwork or the walls that allow air to pass through. Caulk or aluminum foil tape can be used to close the gap present between the walls.

If your air conditioning ducts are located in your attic, attic insulation is also crucial.

4. Keep Your Air Filters Clean

Your energy expenditures could be reduced by up to 15% with a clean HVAC filter. But there are other advantages as well. Airflow is restricted by dirty air filters, which can affect the cooling and dehumidifying capabilities of your air conditioner. As a result, your home becomes very humid, which may result in condensation on the air ducts. You might need to clean or replace the filter every month, every few months, or once a year, depending on the type of air filter you use and where you reside.

Take Away

Learning how to prevent condensation on air ducts can be difficult. However, things can be made a lot simpler by identifying the underlying reasons for ductwork sweating. High humidity levels, poor insulation, dirty air filters, and blocked ductwork can all cause condensation on AC ducts. You can solve these issues by dehumidifying your home, adding insulation around your AC ducts, and cleaning your duct can work.

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