Single Skin Fan Coil Unit

single skin fan coil

Mostly used for cooling, these units are available in the form of Single Skin Fan Coil Unit or in the form of Double Skin Fan Coil Unit. The most popular ones are however the single skin ones and Waves Aircon Pvt. Ltd. Manufactures some of the best ones available in the market. The use of superior quality materials for their manufacture makes it a favourite with many users. This also increases the effectivity of the unit and there is also maintenance of the sound in the environment.

They are mostly manufactured for cooling large areas like malls, shopping complexes, offices, cinema halls and offices.

Features of Single Skin Fan Coil Unit

    • They have tangential fans which are inbuilt. These make sure that there is a very low level of noise in the surrounding
    • Their water coils are made of copper and mechanically expanded aluminium fans which ensure high efficiency
    • The cabinet is made in a modern and elegant design and made with materials which ensure that there would be no rusting or corrosion in any of their parts.
    • It has a standard accessory in the form of infrared remote control with display

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