Rectangular Duct

reactangular duct

We, the Waves Aircon Private Limited are one of the leading manufactures and suppliers of rectangular ducts in India. Our ducts are quality rich premium rectangular ducts giving considerable competition to the other parties in the business. These ducts used for air distribution are in high demand today. Quality, being the building block of all our products, helps us in outstanding the rest in the market. We do not stop until we outdo ourselves. And needless to say, we have set our standards high to surmount. The rectangular ducts we offer are at a very competitive price and as per the client’s specifications and needs. To add to our list of plus points, we send your ordered products in proper packaging to ensure its safety.

Features of Rectangular Duct

    • These ducts possess a very high tensile strength
    • These are easily portable from one place to another
    • They possess a long-lasting life
    • They have a rugged and robust construction
    • Higher insulation
    • They are sturdily designed
    • These ducts are quite easy to install as well.
    • They require much less maintenance
    • Corrosion-resistant
    • Offers optimum mechanical strength

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