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Hot Water

The hot water coils are just like cooling coils, the only difference being the fact that their functionality is the complete opposite. They are ideal for use with hot water solutions and streams. It is usually used to heat the water in a glycol-air heat exchanger. Waves Aircon Pvt. Ltd. makes some of the best Hot Water Coil in the market. Also, they are available at a much more competitive price which makes it a favourite with many of the customers. Waves Aircon manufactures the hot coils using top-notch materials which ensure that your coil will go on for years without rusting.

Features of a Hot Water Coil

    • Connections in the coil are male solder headers.
    • They have a factory-installed to the air terminal
    • 1/2″ O.D. copper tubes, .016″ wall thickness, mechanically expanded in fins. Manifolds are minimum .028″ wall thickness
    • They also have aluminium corrugated fins with rippled edges, .0055″ thick, 10 per inch.
    • Factory pressure tested for leaks with dry nitrogen to 400 psi with a minimum burst pressure of 2500 psi.
    • They are designed to give a maximum amount of heat transfer and low water pressure drops using single and multi-circuited designs.
    • They also have 20 gauge galvanized sheet metal casing with 18 gauge end plates.

    Heat Transfer Coil - Dx.evap - Chilled Water-Hot Water

    • Computerized Selection.
    • Seamless Imported Copper Tube in Level wound coil.
    • Die-Formed Aluminium Fins made on automatic fins punching machine. Copper fins available upon request.
    • Imported Return ‘U’ bands with integral solder rings.
    • Heavy-duty Copper / M.S. Headers.
    • Mechanical tube expansion for perfect bounding.
    • Perfectly located purge valve and drain valve for Water coils.
    • Die-Formed Heavy Gauge Galvanized Steel casing, end panels for proper protection and support. Stainless Steel casing available upon request.
    • Tested with pneumatic pressure underwater.

    Specification Heat Transfer Coil

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