Dry scrubber with Auto Wash

Dry scrubber with Auto Wash

The Waves Aircon Private Limited is a name in today’s market of air management system suppliers. The company’s holistic approach in designing and selecting various air management systems gives them an upper hand in the business. The quality of products we endorse has been gratifying the customer’s needs forever. We do not stop until we outdo ourselves. And needless to say, we have set our standards high to surmount. The ultra-modern Quality Testing System we have developed is gaining accolades everywhere in the market. And the best part about choosing us? We deliver the needful services at the scheduled time without delay.

Features of Dry scrubber with Auto Wash

    • Very high efficiency even for particles as small as a submicron particle.
    • Modular, implying it can support a wide range of airflow capacities.
    • Very low-pressure drop, as it can easily retrofit in the existing system without any change in blower HP
    • Consists of permanent filters, with all the electrode plates of aluminium.
    • Significantly lower running cost due to low power consumption
    • Continuous water supply is not required


    These Dry scrubber with Auto Wash are used widely for Kitchen Exhaust Filtration. This electrostatic type scrubber offers a considerable alternative to the wet scrubbers. They deliver similar if not higher efficiency than the EU9 grade air filters.

    The Benefits of Dry scrubber with Auto Wash

    1. Power saving
    2. Water-saving
    3. High filtration efficiency
    4. Capable of supporting high capacity units

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