Air Washer

Air-WasherAn air washer is a piece of equipment that is designed to improve air quality by scrubbing the air that moves through it and adjusting humidity levels to keep the environment consistent. Air washers are used as part of climate control and air quality systems. Waves Aircon Pvt. Ltd. offers superior quality Air Washer System, Industrial Air Washer Unit and that works on the principle of cooling outside air by passing it over water-saturated pads, causing the water to evaporate into it. The cool air is then directed into the required space, and pushes warmer air out through the given vents. Air Washer Unit is a very energy-efficient means of cooling. These washers have long working life and are available in modular designs. They are equipped with an anti-microbial protection system to ensure hygienically cleaned air. Our range also offers air washer and fan and blower. The air washers are highly tested and are completely reliable. 

Features and benefits of Air Washer

  1. It has a digital display with touch panel
  2. The cleaning mode guarantees convenient decalcification of the air washer
  3. It has Maintenance reminders installed  (ISS exchange, cleaning, refill water indication)
  4. Smart and efficient. As there is automatic shut-off in case of empty water tank.
  5. Auto-dim-function for night-use
  6. Quick display if current humidity level at the push of a button, even when the unit is switched off
  7. Cleans the air on a natural basis
  8. Humidifier discs with scoop ribs for optimal humidification never need replacing. No additional filters are necessary
  9. The Air washer removes impurities such as dust, pollen and particle-bound odours from the air
  10. Ideal for allergy sufferers
  11. Air filter section designed and properly framed, containing washable air filters of expanded aluminium media
  12. Low noise level operation for the comfort of its users.
  13. Energy-efficient thanks to the automatic shut-off.
  14. Removable and transparent water tank with handle
  15. Easy handling and cleaning.
  16. High quality components with a long operating life.
  17. Powder coated /Repainted finish unit provided for outdoor installation.
  18. It also has very low power consumption. 

Advantages of Air Washer

  1. Low installation cost, Low running/operation cost
  2. Effective in high heat generation areas
  3. Easy & inexpensive maintenance
  4. Healthier System – Since it works on 100% fresh air

Air washer is manufactured

This air washer is manufactured using excellent quality raw material and latest technology by our skilled professionals. In order to ensure quality, this air washer is stringently tested on various parameters by our experts. These products are widely acclaimed among the clients for long functional life, corrosion resistant and low maintenance cost. Our clients can avail this range from us at market leading prices. For Waves Aircon, a client’s satisfaction is of utmost importance.

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