Waves Aircon’s Double Skin Fan Coil Wonders

In the realm of cooling units, there are champions and there are pioneers, and Waves Aircon Pvt. Ltd. undoubtedly falls into the latter category. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, Waves Aircon Pvt. Ltd. crafts cooling solutions that are second to none. The secret to their success? A meticulous fusion of top-notch materials and innovative design, particularly evident in their remarkable Double Skin Fan Coil Units. In this blog post, we explore the world of Double Skin Fan Coil Units and uncover the features that set them apart in the cooling unit market.

Double Skin Fan Coil Units: A Unique Blend of Innovation and Efficiency:
Waves Aircon Pvt. Ltd. has raised the bar with their Double Skin Fan Coil Units, ingeniously marrying the benefits of double skin panels, commonly found in air handling units, with low airflow rates and cooling capacities akin to single skin fan coil units. This groundbreaking design ensures optimum performance and unrivalled durability.

Key Features of Double Skin Fan Coil Units:

❖ Variety in Panel Thickness: These units offer flexibility with panel thicknesses of 17 and 25 mm, allowing for customised solutions to meet specific cooling needs.

❖ Aluminium Profile: The incorporation of aluminium profiles not only enhances the unit’s structural integrity but also contributes to its overall longevity.

❖ Impressive Capacity Range: With a capacity range spanning from 800 cfm to a whopping 10,000 cfm, these units cater to a wide spectrum of cooling requirements.

❖ Compact, Space-Saving Fans: Equipped with single or multi-centrifugal fans, Double Skin Fan Coil Units optimise space utilisation while delivering efficient cooling performance.

❖ Customization at Its Best: For those seeking tailored solutions, Waves Aircon Pvt. Ltd. offers customised units with capacities reaching up to 20,000 cfm, ensuring that no cooling challenge is too big to conquer.

❖ Rugged Design and Construction: These units are built to endure. Their robust construction makes them suitable for use in large areas, where reliability is paramount.

❖ Cost-Effective Installation and Maintenance: Businesses can rejoice in the knowledge that installation and maintenance costs for Double Skin Fan Coil Units are remarkably low, translating into long-term savings.

❖ Choice of Finish: Customers have the option of a galvanised steel finish or a galvanised powder-coated cabinet, adding a layer of customization to match specific aesthetic preferences.

❖ Customer-Centric Fitment: Every unit is meticulously fitted to meet the precise requirements of the customer, ensuring a seamless integration into any cooling system.

In conclusion, Double Skin Fan Coil Units by Waves Aircon Pvt. Ltd. stand as a testament to innovation, quality, and efficiency in the world of cooling units. With their groundbreaking design and a plethora of features, they cater to the diverse needs of industries and businesses, all while promising durability and cost-effectiveness. These units exemplify Waves Aircon Pvt. Ltd.’s unwavering commitment to redefining the cooling experience, one innovation at a time.

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