Gone are the days when one had to worry about the clean air inside the premises, whether commercial or personal.

Waves Aircon Pvt Ltd, a pioneer in the field of AHU, is applying the latest technologies in its products and KJ series of Air Purifiers are one of them. During the entire, unforeseen, COVID-19 era, when the entire world was struggling with the vicious attack of the deadly virus, previously unheard of, Waves Aircon, raised its standard of air purification and the entire R&D department was engaged in the utilization of latest technologies in all AHUs.

With the introduction of KJ series of air purifiers in its product, Waves Aircon ensured that the definition of clean air reaches its pinnacle during these testing times and the society can breathe a sigh of relief, with the implementation of the latest technologies.

KJ series of Air purifiers is yet another innovative and powerful product and it is safe without any harmful by-products. It delivers high efficiency and low maintenance with permanent washable filter. The high voltage electrostatic field could kill 99.99% viruses and 99.96% bacteria.

Some of the main features of this product are:

  • Efficient removal of PM2.5, virus, bacteria, pollen, allergen and other particulate pollutants.
  • Kill 99.99%+ viruses and 99.96% bacteria, remove 99%+ air particulates.
  • No material consumption, the filter is washable, no need to replace.
  • Release negative Ion to keep refreshing the air.
  • M8 methanal filter of Japan steadily adsorbs and decomposes methanal and other harmful chemical gases.
  • “Surface design” of front panel expands air volume at the bottom and effectively purifies sedimentary pollutants at the bottom.
  • Low running noise, as low as 34dB in silent mode, and even lower in sleep mode.
  • Built-in particle sensor, indicator light displays air quality, automatically regulate airspeed, and intelligent prompt of cleaning.
  • Low energy consumption, safe and power-saving.
  • Magnetic buckle panel is easy to disassemble, assemble and clean.

There are multiple versions of KJ series air purifiers which are being used, like KJ300F-02A, KJ500F-01A, KJ400F-01A, KJ1200F-01A. With the induction of these advance air filtration techniques, Waves Aircon now has the latest and widest range of air filtration like MERV-14 range of air filtrations and FAH01M-A and FAH03M-A category of air purification technology.

An ISO 9001-2015 certified company and equipped with prestigious AHRI certificate for achieving 100% success rate in Forced Circulation Air-Cooling and Air Heating Coils have improvised and innovated their entire technical and working line with the implementation of these latest technologies and doing their every bit to provide the society with the cleanest and purest of air, at the time when the world is limping back to normal and desperate efforts are on to bring the economy back on its track , at the same time, taking maximum safety measures for the employees and the workplace.

Waves Aircon, is reaching out to all its existing customers to upgrade their AHUs with the latest technology. The upgrade would not only deal with the COVID-19 threat to the maximum but also increases the lifespan of existing AHU by 5-10 years.

For more information on all latest developments and to upgrade your existing setup, please visit our website www.wavesaircon.in or post your query at care@wavesaircon.in