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Fan Coil Unit

Fan coil units are usually used to cool large areas. Waves Aircon Pvt. Ltd. Supplies different types of Fan Coil Units. Their Floor-Mounted Fan coil units are some of the best in the market and are available at a very cheap price. The products made by the company are engineered to control the air conditioning system of a room and buildings.

The superiority of the company is in the fact that raw materials of top notch quality are used to provide them a rugged structure. They are also very easy to install, need low maintenance and also have installed heating and cooling devices within. Our products are mainly brought into application in office buildings, hotels, residential complexes and many more places for heating and cooling water supplies.







Here are some of the features of the Fan Cool Units:

  • Compact size: 17" height (FNF/FNP) or 18" height (FNX) for all sizes
  • 2 or 4-pipe configuration, preheat or reheat position
  • Field-reversible for left or right connections (water coils)
  •  Manual air vents
  •  Heavy-gauge, galvanized-steel casing construction
  • 1/2"-thick fiberglass insulation
  •  Side-access electrical enclosure
  • Sloped drain pan, externally insulated
  • DECM motors for high performance at all times

Special Features :

  • DRAIN PAN Single Piece, Deep Drawn, Externally insulated G.I./Stainless Steel Drain Pan in weldless
    construction concept with in built slope.
  • SILENT FAN DECK Silent fan deck comprising of specially designed Centrifugal Fans for low noise
    and FHP spilt capacitor permanent lubricated / ball bearing motor for maintenance free operation.
  • FLEXIBLE DESIGN The Return Air Plenum can be interchanged from back air suction to bottom air
    suction. Chilled water connections are flexible and can be changed either to right or the left side
    at site.
  • RUST PROOF POWDER COATED/PREPAINTED FINISH The units are designed to be long life
    and more durable due to weld-less design and the powder-coated/Prepainted G.I panels besides
    appealing looks.


Fan Coil Unit Manufacturers Rajasthan,Mumbai,India

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