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Cooling Coil

The cooling coils are used in a refrigerator or a freezer and are used to carry the refrigerant. These should always be kept clean and there should be no form of condensation on them. There should also be no food or other particles stuck on the Cooling Coil because this can lead to the coil from not functioning well.

Waves Aircon Pvt. Ltd. makes some of the best Cooling Coil Unit to serve your purpose of cooling. Most of them are very precisely designed. The function of most of these is in industrial cooling in process industries. The design in flawless and the company sells it to reliable vendors.



















Features of the Cooling Coil Unit:

  • They have an air Volume of  510 m3/h
  • Their Cooling capacity is 2980 w
  • Their Heating capacity is 4800 w
  • They are durable and easy to install, also the installation costs of these units are very less
  • Once you have started using them, you wouldn’t need to devote much time and money on their maintenance either.
  • They are quality checked to ensure that all of them function in the best possible ways
  • The material used to manufacture these units is also corrosion resistant and will remain in their pristine conditions for many days to come. 

Waves Aircon Pvt. Ltd. manufacture cooling coil in different tube dia such as

  •  1/2" cooling coil
  •  3/8” cooling coil
  •  5/8” cooling coil

Cooling Coil  Suppliers Rajasthan,Ahmedabad,India

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