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Air Handling Unit (WDEV)

Air Handling Unit (WDEV) is the need of the hour. Since, it does the most important function of circulating fresh air, by taking in outside air and conditioning it.  The exhaust air which can also be termed as “stale air” is discharged.  Thus, it ensures healthy and top notch health as well. The air quality of the indoor is regularly maintained as the air handling unit regularly keeps a check on the safety and health of the inhabitants. In the areas where the need for quality of air is significantly lower, then the unit re-circulates the air though mixing chamber which automatically results in saving of energy over a period of time as well. There are dampers with mixing chamber, as they do the basic function of keeping a check on the ratio between the air which is returned, exhausted as well as that of outside air.

Features of Air Handling Units

  • In order to control air flow, damper is provided
  • Consists of Flashing beacon
  • Mobile units
  • The option of safe change out of filters is present
  • Has Magnahelics on AHU

There are different ventilators for all sorts of functions such as exhaust, heating, cooling coil, air filter racks etc. Through the ductwork (which is connected to AHU), the conditioned air is distributed through all the corners of the building and it is equally returned to AHU as well.

Who doesn’t want to save energy and for the same reason, a cooling recovery exchanger is fitted to AHU. The unit which is placed in the outdoor is known as rooftop unit.

Benefits of Air Handling Units

  • Restricts cross contamination
  • Simple and safe damper for regulating air flow
  • It is a child’s play to move AHU from one place to another
  • Quick turnaround/installation
  • Cost effective operating costs
  • Occupies minimal floor space
  • Unit’s operation is reckoned by flashing beacon signifying its working status

The units & its components are certified as under

  • Double skin casing is tested & approved in accordance with BS EN 1886 : 1998
  • Centrifugal fan are AMCA certified for sound & air performance.
  • Heat transfer coils are rated & approved in accordance with ARI standard 410-2001

Special Features

  • Applications  - Cooling, heating, Humidification , Ventilation.
  • Frame Work - Mainframe of self- supporting hollow extruded Aluminium profile.
    Thermal break construction as option.
  • Frame Panels  - Double Skin CFC / HFC free PUF injected 25 / 43 /50 / 75
    mm thick panels. Various skin option available in plain GSS,
    prepainted GSS, preplasticised GSS, Aluminium, Stainless steel
    as per duty requirements.
  • Fan Section - Fan Section contains belts driven DIDW Forward / Backward /
    Aerofoil Backward curved Centrifugal Blower & direct driven Plug
    Fans as per requirement.
  • Fan/Motor Assembly - Fan and Motor assembly mounted on common base frame of
    Extruded Aluminium Profile on vibration isolators.
  • Coil Section - Coil Section designed for CHW / HW / DX high efficiency heat
    transfer coils.
  • Drain Pan - Dual Slopping Aluminium / Stainless steel drain pan mounted on
    PUF insulated bottom panel.
  • Filter Section - Flat Filter Section designed for Synthetic pleated pre-filters. Choice
    of filteration available as per required duty conditions levels.
  • Scrubber Section - Choice of wet & dry scrubber
  • Out door Installation - Overhead canopy available for outdoor installation.
  • Optional Sections - Mixing chamber - For Fresh Air & Return Air mixing. Manual /
    Motorized controls- optional.
    Micro ‘V’ / Hepa / Bag / EU- 4 /EU- 7 / EU- 9 / EU- 13 / Special
    Fillerations Filter Section.
    Heat Recovery Wheel Section.
    Spray / Pan Humidifiacation Section.
    Other Special Sections as per individual customer requirements.


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